Stay in control with suspension that does the job.

We believe the perfect suspension is the one that starts with what the customer wants. Therefore all Art Suspensions products are designed to provide three specific attributes with a low stance, comfortable ride and superior handling. For this, we have two product lines.

Our STATICART coilovers from a clear understanding of what our clients are looking for in a coilover. Therefore we tailored each coilover to suit each client as per vehicle type. 


Made to OEM specifications, therefore, allowing one the seamlessly mount to OEM components while maintaining placement of brake lines and sensor mounts.

​Designing the kit to OEM specification allows all our packages to be bolt-on kits with little to no modification required for fitment.


The entire body is precision machined from a hollow bar of steel then coated protect from corrosion.

​Our threaded body design allows the length of the shock absorber to adjust by offsetting the bottom foot.


These parts are anodised to protect them from oxidation. Allowing these parts to be durable and lightweight.

Piston Rods

Piston rods are made from heat-treated alloy steel to ensure strength, machined to exact tolerances the plated with a hard, durable chromium plating that protects from corrosion and provides a smooth surface for the oil seal.

Drop Links

High-quality Adjustable drop links ensuring anti-roll bar is in a perfect position with lowered suspension. They are maintaining optimum angles and clearances between the suspension components. OEM quality end links provide durability and a maintenance-free life cycle.

Nok Seals

German designed and manufactured high-quality seals. Seals are a critical component as they are a significant factor in durability and stiction characteristics.

Twin Tube

Our low-pressure gas-charged twin-tube shock absorbers are developed for a comfortable daily drive with a sporty characteristic. Independent bump and rebound valves allow refined damping for an uncompromised daily ride.


Our springs are developed with the ideal spring rates in mind and that because we want you comfy at all times. Experience the versitility of a spring that delivers the ultimate comfort.